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Akagera National Park is located along the eastern border of Rwanda, where the typically hilly countryside gives way to the savannas of the Great Rift Valley. Dominated by lakes, swamps and marshland, the area boasts a huge compliment of nature and wildlife that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. It is a unique habitat and home to big game, primates, birds, fish and many aquatic animal and plant species.

Day 1: Early pick-up from hotel in Kigali, Rwanda and transfer to Akagera National Park. Morning southern Lake Ihema Circuit Game drive

Our professional, local guide will greet you bright and early (4:30am!) at your hotel/home and brief you on your trip. You will then drive to Akagera National Park, passing through some of Rwanda’s phenomenal landscapes and living lifestyles. Arriving eary in the morning will guarantee you sightings of rare birds and animals, some that can only be seen at this time of the day! Combined with their beautiful songs and the sunrise, it will be a spectacular start to your safari! Throughout the day, plenty of animals can be seen, including elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, hippos, crocodiles and also many other mammal species. Known as one of the most scenic savannahs in East Africa, the game drive in Akagera provides you with the opportunity to also view gentle hills blending beautifully with lowland swamps and water bodies.

We will stop for a delicious picnic lunch, overlooking the lake, the produce bought fresh from the Kimironko market. There will be fresh bread and cheese for sandwiches, along with locally-grown tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and carrots and to top things off, an exotic fruit salad made-up of a mouth-watering mix of locally-grown fruit such as mango, passionfruit, plums and papaya!

The afternoon will be spent enjoying the beautiful scenery and landscape along the northern circuit where you will see even more wildlife than on the morning drive!

Transfer to Kigali.

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Heritage Lodge – Ha’buharo Island Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Heritage Lodge, on Ha’buharo Island, is a lovely little island retreat, located only 2 hours away from Kigali. It is the perfect place for those looking to relax, re-energize and enjoy the picturesque, peaceful surroundings of Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi (“Place of many little birds”) is about 25 km long and 7 km wide. Its depth is rumoured to be up to 900m, which would make it the second deepest lake in Africa, second to Lake Tanganika! It is one of the few lakes in this region that is bilharzia-free and therefore, safe for swimming. With its twenty-nine, centrally located islands and surrounding, terraced hills, Lake Bunyonyi is a stunning sight to behold!

Whether you are looking to recooperate from an exhilarating yet tiring gorilla trek in the Impenetrable rainforest of Bwindi or just wanting a week-end away from your busy schedule in Kigali, Heritage Lodge is a great choice for all interests! The location is idyllic and private and guests can choose to just sit back, relax, read a book and enjoy the peaceful surroundings or they can choose to partake in a variety of activities such as swimming, paddling in a local dugout canoe, boating and bird watching. The island is home to over 36 species of birds and an even greater variety can be found at the neighbouring Nyombe Swamps, a one-hour boat ride from Ha’buharo Island.

If you desire more adventure, our guide can take you on a hiking or biking excursion in the high hills surrounding the lake. Or for those who are looking for a more cultural experience, we can arrange for guests to visit the Batwa (Pygmies) and Abaheesi (blacksmiths) communities and also to Bukora Cave.

The accommodations are unique as they are well-spaced, self-contained tents all furnished with hot showers, flush toilets and invitingly warm, comfortable beds! Each tent is located in wooded seclusion, with its own view of the lake.

Evenings at the Heritage are also peaceful and quiet. Dine on continental and local Western Ugandan dishes, expertly prepared with organically-grown, freshly-harvested local vegetables. Upon request, guests can also try the local delicacy of crayfish, freshly-harvested from the lake. Guests can enjoy a drink by the well-stocked bar, sit by the open fire and gaze up at the stars or they can gather in our cozy lounge and join in a game of Scrabble, Chess, Darts or Mweso. Two days at the Heritage Lodge will leave you feeling as good as new!!

Day 1: Depart from Parking at Blues Café at 9:00am

Our professional English-speaking guide will greet you at this location at 8:30am and will depart promptly at 9:00am. The roughly one-hour drive to the border is along a windy and at times, bumpy road but the views are really rewarding! We travel through areas full of flower nurseries, rice fields and the typical rolling hills of Rwanda.

Once we pass the borders, (give ourselves an hour or so to cross) we continue on to Kabale and then another 20mins to Lake Bunyonyi where our boat will be waiting to take us to the lodge. The boat ride there takes about 20-30mins and is a wonderful photo opportunity for all!!

Please note: Life jackets are provided.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the friendly staff of Heritage Lodge and escorted to your assigned accommodations. Settle in and then enjoy a delicious lunch of Western Ugandan and continental cuisine. Following your meal, the afternoon and evening are yours to do with as you please!! All we ask is that you relax and enjoy and make sure to try the crayfish for dinner!!

Day 2: Breakfast buffet, choice of morning activity or continue to read and relax in peace!!!

Following lunch, we will pack-up and depart the island at 2:00pm and drive back to Kigali, aiming for an arrival time at Blue’s Café of 6:00pm.

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