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Rwanda Eco-Tours was founded and is run by native Rwandans who are passionate about their country, their people, their natural resources and providing you with the highest quality yet educational tourism experience that responsibly contribute to the conservation of Rwanda's beautiful natural resources - her parks, lands and indigenous animals, most notably the endangered mountain gorillas - as well as the development socio-economic and well being of local people.

In order to create an unforgettable experience for you, Rwanda Eco-Tours is staffed by people who have not only been trained in the most prestigious international universities for conservation and eco-tourism, but also have real-world experience with the culture, animals and people you will encounter.
Through our years of work in the field of tourism and conservation, engagement in ecotourism and community development which we have directly invested in, we are uniquely positioned to give you the chance to experience Rwanda's magic in an unforgettable way and to see for yourself the difference we have made to both conservation and livelihoods of local people.

We admit that many companies and people have used ecotourism, local people as their marketing panacea, we take you to experience for yourself what positive impact you make while traveling with us. And if you are traveling with any company, we advise you to critically find out what they preach. As Rwandans, and East Africans, we believe that if we as local people don’t protect our resources, no one will.


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