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Edwin Sabuhoro - CEO

Edwin, a Rwandan national, received his law degree from the National University of Rwanda and a Masters of Science degree in Conservation and Tourism from University of Kent at Canterbury, UK where he specialized in ecotourism management.
He worked in all Rwanda’s National Parks but mostly as a Tourism Park Warden for Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Beyond that, Edwin worked as, a Senior Economic Development Advisor for SNV (a Dutch development organization), Chairman of Tour Operators and Travel Agents Association in Rwanda, President of Rwanda Chamber of Tourism, a private sector umbrella organization for Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality sector, Chief Executive Officer for Rwanda Eco-Tours and has also lectured at different Universities in Rwanda in fields of environment, ecotourism, biodiversity conservation and sustainable tourism development.

His work to develop tourism and to set up a community based ecotourism project for local communities and ex-poachers at Volcanoes National Park that has helped in the reduction of poaching in the park was recognized through; Rwandan Prime Minister’s award of excellence in 2004, Eco-club project of the year 2007, Royal Belum inaugural award in Malaysia in 2007 and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Young Conservationist of the year 2008 Award.

He represents young conservation professionals for East, West and Central Africa at IUCN World Commission for Protected Areas. He also represented Rwanda to the President Obama Young African Leaders Forum in Washington, USA and has continued to participate and speak in different forums that highlight youth empowerment, biodiversity and environment, sustainability and community development, democracy and leadership.

Edwin is currently a PhD student in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Clemson University, South Carolina in USA.

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